It all started one sunny July day in Rochester during the midst of a global pandemic. Julie Shapiro and Sara DiPasquale, two striving young actors and long time friends, found themselves complaining about their nonexistent love lives. On top of the risk of catching a fatal virus from a sneeze, recent relocations from their free wheeling NYC lifestyles back to their childhood bedrooms meant dating was off the table- romantic endeavors were simply not in the cards. As Sara and Julie continued to vent, the question “how are people even dating right now?” arose. With such high stakes at risk, connecting in any way felt nearly impossible. 


Naturally as actors, both Sara and Julie felt a strong urge to explore a realistic COVID-19 rooted relationship for people to connect with while simultaneously DIY-ing their own work in a time of scarce and unpredictable acting opportunities. A Facebook post, four equally passionate team members, and countless Zoom calls later… Asymptomatic was born. 


Asymptomatic, a 5 episode web series, explores the struggle of seeking balance in the midst of a pandemic through two seemingly opposite perspectives: Talia, a type-A introvert, and Gemma, a borderline reckless free spirit. From romantic to familial relationships, virtual to physical realities, and tragic loss to unexpected gain, both Talia and Gemma’s unique circumstances offer insights on how to adapt and connect through unparalleled times.

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